Ken Jorgenson
Ken Jorgenson
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Black Horse Diaries

Garnet “the Grump”

Garnet is a retired farmer who is always complaining about the evils of immigrants, urban sprawl and development, and technology He talks non-stop about how good things used to be “back in the day”.


A handsome, successful engineer recently arrived from Quebec, Claude has an eye for the ladies and the good things in life. Often rubs Rosie and the other regulars the wrong way with his arrogance.


Sammy is a mysterious, intimidating man of indeterminate age and ethnicity who is the acknolwedged leader of the group of hard-core regulars affectionately known as the “Dog Pound”.


Amiable, intelligent and very well-read, Gary is a flooring contractor with a problematic home life. He seeks solace in the Black Horse to escape his troubles for a few hours several times per week, often found with his nose stuck in a book.


A quiet, heartbroken young widower Ben pops into the pub occasionally to visit his friend Mel.


John is a boisterous, blue collar member of the “Dog Pound”, fond of telling jokes and dominating conversations. A likable guy with no “off switch”, he also has a fetish for women’s feet.

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