Ken Jorgenson

With his unforgettable characters, and stories that show a deep knowledge of human nature, Ken Jorgenson has become one of Canada’s most talented uprising writers. The great skill with which he weaves the lives of his characters proves that Jorgenson is a master of storytelling and one of the writers addressing the human condition in a way that makes it so relatable to his readers.

While Ken Jorgenson is mostly known as a retired international athlete and rugby coach, his lifelong passion has always been the words and stories of writers and thinkers he cherishes, such as John Lecarré, Cormac McCarthy, and Arthur Conan Doyle.

The avid reader and nerd jock has finally taken the leap to become a prolific writer, from articles for Le Pub magazine, to poetry collections, and his first novel, The Black Horse Diaries in 2019.

In 2020, he shares his insights of an unsettled life with sensibility and striking imagery in his first poetic collection, At Home in the Maelstrom.

Jorgenson plans to publish more novels and poetry in 2021.

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Ken Jorgenson’s books

At home in the maelstrom

The Black Horse Diaries

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